SMHprojects is a UK based consultancy working in agribusiness standards and international development. We have a broad base of public and private sector clients of all sizes and are always looking for new and interesting projects to engage with.

Using our substantial private sector experience of agribusiness value chains we have been able to work closely with our clients to provide them with extra practical knowledge, build their own capacity and apply rigorous project management and analytical skills to support them.

Successful business is about building networks of talented successful people that continue to engage over the longer term for mutual benefit. SMHprojects are delighted to be part of a strong network of clients and associates that are focused on successful cost effective outcomes and robust business solutions.


“I’ve worked with Steve on a number of occasions, as a client and informally in various networks and consortia. I have always admired his vast knowledge of, and practical experience in, food safety, environmental and sustainability standards and in agricultural value chains in developing countries - Steve always knows someone who knows...”

Christof Walter

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