Corporate Video and Media

SMHprojects have managed several large projects for clients interested in developing informative client media. The challenge of blending the important facts with interesting visual content is always a strong challenge. Visual media must be technically correct when held to sometimes hostile peer review but impart the underlying positive message that the client wishes to say.

SMHprojects have worked with a number of professional media companies and clients  to provide a technically correct, flexible and cost effective media solution.

SMHprojects will engage with the production company at the earliest opportunity to plan the story board, commentary script and ensure that the visual material is captured is an exhaustive process. Post production editing and creating a product that can be edited, updated and become more time resilient provides clients with much better value for the investment.

"Back up your claims. It’s not good enough to simply tell people what your values are, you should be able to provide evidence that backs you up. Giving concrete examples of what you’re talking about in the form of changes you’ve made to people’s lives is far more powerful than talking about how much success you have"

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