Standards and Benchmarking

Linking developing producers to new markets can bring benefits to both up steam and downstream partners. New sources of supply linked to better quality and competitive prices are still possible to identify even in mature supply chains. Changing climate patterns and global trade flows make the design and establishment of new and resilient supply chains even more important for long term business success.


SMHprojects have helped manufacturers and retailers to develop new sources of supply for over ten years from Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.


Beyond the commercial introduction the need to product sample, build critical mass, adopt specifications and logistics chains are all activities that must be managed and mentored to achieve success. SMHprojects have a proven track record of linking partners and managing the process until product flows are firmly established commercially and technically.

"Small producers can face significant problems in moving from ad -hoc sales to becoming more market-oriented.


Linking organisations must always be aware of the practical, cultural and commercial risks involved and consider ways of addressing them with the producers before embarking on project activities"

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