Standards and Benchmarking

Steve was one of the first board members of the GlobalGap standard and also served as a board member of the Ethical Trade Initiative. He has extensive knowledge of international standards in all forms of production and business practice including ISO standards such as 17065 and 17021 and can advise on adoption and adaptation of standards.


SMHprojects are benchmark specialists working for private, public and multilateral clients.


Writing a standard requires relevant sector information and an in-depth knowledge of standards architecture and composition. Using our experience of standard writing we are able to undertake benchmarking and equivalence exercises across a broad range of agribusiness standards in farming, processing, ethical and sustainability arenas.

“The most informed person, that I know, on pre farm gate private standards, as set and implemented by retailers, is Steve. This gives him a unique insight into global retailer policy at production level for quality, safety, legality, ethics and the environment. He translates his knowledge and experience into business relevant advice.”

Chris Anstey

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